Santa Barbara’s Seafood Soiree

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YACHT TALK: Some harbors? Filled with boats? You get the sense they exist solely for pleasure. Which we are in no way knocking; if you have a beauty parked in such a harbor, we tip our captain's hat to you and bid you happy sailing. It's truly a dream for many, to have a spot in such a place. But sometimes you crave the harbor that is both beautiful and has a bit of grit to it. It's a working harbor, in short; at any time you might see giant nets of fish and the people who are hauling 'em up from boats and into nearby cafes and markets. That's Santa Barbara Harbor, and each and every year -- well, at least for the last ten -- the harbor hosts a free shindig that spotlights both the industry of the area and the pleasure cruising, too. Call it the best of both worlds, and call it the Santa Barbara Harbor & Seafood Festival. And the date? Call it Saturday, Oct. 8.

FOOD TO FUN: You'll likely want to know about the eats sitch first. Special order lobster, Albacore bbq & boiled crab, clam chowder a la Brophy Brothers, and seafood paella from Josefina's are just a few of the exhibitors listed. On the non-edible front? A sea shanty sing-along, a host of dockside tours, tall ship lookabouts, and art browsing. There's a whole list. You'll want to read it all, we imagine, if you think you can step away from the seafood paella long enough. You can? Okay. We'll believe it when we see it. We wanted to write "sea" instead of "see" there, but, you know. Urges fought, etc.

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