Santa Monica Airport Open House

Peek inside the Museum of Flying, for free, and other areas.

Without looking at the venue named above, can you guess what comprises "the largest single open space in Santa Monica?"

Okay, you peeked. And you probably knew, too: It's the Santa Monica Airport.

If you've been to the airport, for an art event, to eat, or, yep, to take off to lands faraway, you likely know this assertion to be correct. You also likely know that the Museum of Flying opened there earlier this year, adding another interesting addition to one of our Westside plane places.

One of our personal favorite things about the airport, however? It throws an annual open house. Nope, not every airport can do that, or does, but Santa Monica hosts a free day where it invites airplane aficionados and local lookie-loos to have a peep about.

The date is Saturday, Sept. 22, which comes just a day after pretty much all of Southern California looked up, in unison, to eye one special plane and its famous cargo. Planes are the talk, these days, so the open house is well-timed.

What will you see at the airport? The Museum of Flying is waiving its admission for the day -- nice -- but there are other areas that'll be open to the wandering public: the observation decks, an art studio, and displays. It's a fine way to take it all in at once.

Open house hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. So, will everyone still be talking Endeavour's big arrival? Surely that answer is a big yes.

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