Santa Monica City-Wide Yard Sale

Dozens of homes'll be lining up the dresses, plates, books, and such.


What's on your personal look-for-it-at-the-next-yard-sale-I-drive-by list? A new dresser? A vintage jewelry holder? A new dresser to go under your vintage jewelry holder?

We're going to wager that several items you've got on your list will show up at the Santa Monica City-Wide Yard Sale. That's because the sale, which is happening at dozens upon dozens of homes on Saturday, Sept. 24, is frankly on the gargantuan side. "City-Wide" is in the name, after all.


Props to the organizers for breaking it all down on the handy pdf, too. You can find out what homes at what addresses will be stocking what sort of items. The roster doesn't go into a ton of detail, but you will find categories like "Antiques" and "Clothing" and "Appliances" and "Toys." So if you're searching solely for mustard-hued can opener from 1974, you'll want to stick with the appliance-selling spots on the list. (And if you find one we'll be very jealous.)

The city is also providing an easy-to-use, star-filled map.

We're wishing you a day full of deals and finds and maybe a potential new friendship, too. Because a yard sale friend is a good friend to know. We just hope you don't meet over the mustard-hued can opener from 1974. Because you'll both probably want it. We're just saying.

The Santa Monica City-Wide Yard Sale is on Saturday, Sept. 24 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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