Santa Monica’s Supping Sweethearts

A dineLA/Santa Monica contest asks you for a great photo.


RIGHT NOW: As we type this, what? Maybe a thousand photos are getting tweeted? Probably more? What people ate for lunch and a lot of cute cat pics and random shots of the sky? If you fall into this category -- or, at least, if you know how to tweet a snapshot -- and you'd like it to maybe lead to something, check out the contest Santa Monica has on now. The Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau is asking anyone who eats at a Santa Monica restaurant participating in dineLA -- or goes to see Cirque du Soleil's OVO at the pier -- to tweet a picture of either you and your sweetie at dinner or the circus. There's a hashtag involved and a few other to-knows, but the upshot is this photo will get you entered for an overnight at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. And not just an ordinary overnight, but a full-on Valentine's Package.

dineLA WEEK: The mega-restaurant fortnight (less one Saturday) kicks off on Jan. 22. There are some 45 Santa Monica eateries participating, so you'll want to make sure you snap your photo at one of those (we encourage you to get out and try more dineLA spots, but, for this contest, you'll need to focus on the SM). If your pic is picked, the SMCVB will let you know by Feb. 6. Read all the details and get shutterbugging, happy contest-entering dineLAers. Get shutterbugging.

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