Santas Head for Santa Monica Pub Crawl

One city. A few hours. Many revelers, reveling.

Santa Monica Pub Crawl

There are a few numbers involved with the upcoming Santa Monica Pub Crawl, which is happening on Saturday, Dec. 18. Here's a selection:

Three: This is the number of non-perishable food items you are being asked to arrive with; they'll be donated to the Westside Food Bank. If you'd like, you can donate five bucks in place of those items.

Three: There are three routes to choose from, so you want to get all the info ahead of the 5 p.m. start time.

2nd: It's the 2nd annual Santa Monica Pub Crawl, meaning that it worked out before. Really well, judging by the extremely lively photos on the site; in fact, some 2000 people crawled, merrily, last year. Most of them appeared to be dressed as elves in shiny green satin or beach-style tanks. Oh yeah.

Countless: How many times people will play on the word "Santa" being in the name "Santa Monica." We say, say it all night, if you so choose. Why not?

One: Really great costume. You're asked to dress as either as Santa or something equally as red-and-green-stripey, for the event. Those shoes with the curl-toe and the bell on the end. You have those, right? 

One: Camera. The photos from this thing are pretty great. Next year's Christmas card may be in your bunch.

One: Designated driver for your party. That goes without saying, right?

Several singles: For the buying of nogs and whatnot. Is that a number, "several singles"? Work with us.

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