Sassy Flapper Fashion Show

Fringe-y, sassy wear, plus a flapper film.

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Flapper Flock

We don't need any extra enticements to go see an enchantment-packed, eerie/elegant silent film like "The Mystic." 

But. But when we hear that there will be a flapper fashion show, put on by two SoCal modern-day flappers, you can call us officially enticed.

The place: Silent Movie Theatre. The date: Wednesday, March 3. The time: 8 p.m. The fashion show: It's courtesy of the Flapper Flock -- the fashion-minded Nicolette Howell and Chantal Geary -- and there will be era-appropriate hemlines and baubles and the little stretch headbands with the flirty feathers and sequins.

The Silent Treatment is presenting, tickets are $12, and there are few places you'll get so much full-on flapper-osity for such a good price. And pick up some clothing tips, too. If you see pieces you like, you may find more like them at Hobo's Vintage in Redlands, which Ms. Howell runs.

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