Save the Date: September 5

FIESTA HERMOSA: Like, maybe, mmm... 20 seconds ago, we were typing away, with a song in our hearts, about Fiesta Hermosa. It was just ahead of Memorial Day Weekend. We thought, yay, we're glad, because it is a great, sunny, stroll-and-people-watch party, and it truly kicks off summer. It also *ends* the summer, every Labor Day, and while we're always happy to see it again, we just can't believe three months have passed. Hello, space-time continuum? What up? Fiesta Hermosa runs September 5th-7th in downtown Hermosa Beach

LOS ANGELES COUNTY FAIR OPENS: On September 5th. Stop one: the roasted corn booth. Stop two: the roasted corn booth, for our second ear. Stop three: hmm. A light beer? Some motocross? The slide ride? The hot tub display? The ring toss? The prize-winning heifers? The concerts? A Pink's chili dog? More corn? Stop 37: More corn. The mondonormous fair runs for about a month-ish. It's got everything good, including shammies. Shammies! Stop 38: The shammy-demo booth. Stop 39: The any-belt-buckle-you-ever-wanted booth...

JOHN WILLIAMS AND THE MUSIC OF THE MOVIE: A Hollywood Bowl spectacular that unites classical fans, "Star Wars" buffs, lovers of listening to music outdoors, and cinephiles of all stripes. We'll wager that most people can relate to all four of those things on some level, however. Can you hear the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" theme now? Will you stare at the hills above the Bowl to see if a big, bleepy saucer is hovering? We might. 8:30PM, September 5th (also on Friday, September 4th, too)

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