Saving Cash, Having Blast Can Happen at Same Time

Because we like to go out, and because we like to not have to scrape the bottom of the change jar to do so, we're forever looking for free days, half-off mornings, buy 1-get-2-gratis afternoons, and drink specials. If there was a "wear a pink tutu and carry a parrot on your shoulder to get in without paying" night we'd be there (although, to be honest, we'd probably do that anyway).

We spied a great deal in this vein, but it is ending lickety-split. pointed out that the excellent Go Los Angeles card is being offered at a discount through Thursday, March 26 (well, various multi-day versions of the card, rather; still a good deal indeed). This card is especially handy if you are a fan of big attractions around Southern California (think Knott's Berry Farm), or wine tours.

And if you're not, you likely have out-of-towners who are, and anecdotal evidence tells us that the season for out-of-towners to start visiting their LA-based cousins is definitely kicking into high gear, what with spring break and all (and never mind the economy). Feel a bit like a hotel? We do. We're not complaining. We like living in a place everyone wants to see, even if we're washing the towels three times as often.

So save, save, save, we say. And don't forget your pink tutu, just because.

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