Saving Water: Pablo's Perspective

Here in Southern California, we have a big problem when it comes to water.  Let us not forget that we live in a dry climate.  Most of our water has to be brought in from other sources.  We depend on Northern California's snow pack for much of what we do get.  A report out today says thanks to a series of recent storms, we are now at 87% of where we should be for this time of year.  That is up quite a lot from just a few weeks ago.  BUT, it likely will not be enough to prevent water rationing of some sort in many Southern California water agencies this summer.  
With that in mind... We have already talked about replacing plants and trees in the garden with more native varieties.  We have also talked about ways to cut water use in your home in our recent water contest.  Despite all that, water rates are expected to climb this year due to the shortage.  So why not look for free water when you can find it?  Now is a good time, considering the series of recent storms.  But how do you save it and prevent it all from running off into the Pacific Ocean
One non-profit group has come up with a very old fashioned way to hold on to the water that falls from the sky.  The group recently installed a giant cistern at a local park, which so far has trapped more than 200,000 gallons of rainwater.  They'll use it to water landscape over the next several months.  It isn't for everyone, but you can take some of what the group is doing and implement the ideas in your own garden.   

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