Scanwiches, Please Come to LA and Scan Away

Scanners, once the province of old family photos, palms of hands belonging to bored employees, and the occasional important document, are now being used for maybe the most vital purpose of all: scanning sandwiches.

Scanwiches is all about looking at our favorite bread-and-cheese-and-meat treats sideways, the better to truly study the ingredients, the build, and the beauty of the sandwich. "Scans of sandwiches for education and delight" is the moving motto of the New York City-based site.

And while living in NYC means they'll have bevies of bready wonders to scan for years to come, we're hoping they'll make a visit to LA, the better to scan some sandwiches we think will show extremely well:

Tam O'Shanter Turkey with Piled-on Coleslaw and Beets. The juicy, drippy beets add the scarlet, the turkey the tradition, the coleslaw the messy, luscious mayo.

Anything from Brent's Deli. Maybe the Whitefish Salad sandwich, or the much-loved Chopped Liver. Our eye doctor won't stop talking about the Chopped Liver, and when your eye doctor tells you to do anything, you do it, asap.

Rabbi Reuben's Reuben. The Reubens of Los Angeles deserve their own web site. The one at Izzy's in Santa Monica is a special item indeed, and a fine place for Scanwiches to start.

How 'bout it, Scanwiches? A vacation west, some time at the beach, and all those lovely, LA-ish sandwiches to scan...

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