Scheer-Demme's Hollywood Return?

Wow-eee. Halloween ruckus, election news, weird weather that left us, and our costumes/pumpkins/yard signs, soggy to the bone. The last few days have found us plum busy, so imagine our surprise to when we learned that Amanda Scheer-Demme is making a return to Tinseltown with the opening of a brand-spanking new nitery called H-Wood, where The Stork once roosted.

Charlie Amter is reporting that the lounge will be mixing drinks for the couture-wearing set by the close of '08 -- so, next month -- which we eagerly await. We'd been wondering where Scheer-Demme's next effort would take root, and just steps from The Roosevelt Hotel, where she made headlines with Tropicana and Teddy's (not to mention Teddy's famous headliner-laden VIP list), kind of makes sense.

For awhile we thought the after-hours entrepreneur might land downtown (something splashy adjacent to LA Live, or maybe on Main), but her velvet-rope ties to Hollywood -- make that H-Wood -- are clearly strong.

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