Science Gets Spooky in Santa Ana

The popular Discovery Cube event invites holiday revelers to pair Halloween-y fun with nifty learning.

MAGIC PLAYS A PART... in our Halloween-based reveries, it's true. We enjoy seeing the occasional flying broom, or talking pumpkin, or a talking pumpkin riding a flying broom when October rolls around (rolls much like a pumpkin, in fact). But so much of the eeriest time on the calendar finds not-too-frightful basis in the world of science and understanding. Why some things in our world glow, and why other things are sticky, isn't a matter of waving a wand; you can get to the heart of the "why" with some investigation and the occasional experiment. It's in this learn-more, have-fun spirit that the Discovery Cube Orange County approaches Halloween each year, and the approach is as lengthy as a slithery snake: The Santa Ana-based educational institution gives the spook season several smart-of-mind weeks to bask in the spotlight. The event's name? It's Spooky Science, and the big Halloween Weekend celebration is straight ahead. The eeky educational good-times-having happens on...

SATURDAY, OCT. 29 and SUNDAY, OCT. 30: For sure, attending tots can arrive in costume. Absolutely, there is the popular Wizard of Ooze stage show to enjoy. And will snakes and turtles be given some time, in order that we humans can learn more about their amazing worlds? You got it: That's science, of the animal-sweet sort, and only a little spooky. There's more cool knowing opportunities to be found throughout the sizable presentation, one that tries to lend some facts to the frights (all while keeping the nifty nature of Halloween full intact). Ready to gain not-so-ghoulish knowledge? Saddle up your broomstick, invite your talking pumpkin to hop aboard, and make for the Discovery Cube Orange County.

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