Score: 5 or More Time at the Bowl

Pick a quintet of summertime shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

Fred George

The Ides of March may compel people to start sentences with things like "The Ides of March," but the date doesn't merely make people want to drop literary references into random internet posts. It also is just about the time the Hollywood Bowl's "5 or More" deal opens.

The short of it: If you intend to see at least five shows at the venue over the summer, best jump on this package now, ahead of those individual tickets going on sale on Saturday, May 7.

And the sprinkles on top of this particular sundae? You get tickets to your sixth show for free. There's an asterisk which says that show has to fall on a certain day -- Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all need a little more cultural loving-on, in our opinion -- but that's okay right? Sunday's also listed as a choice as well. There are other to-knows, like the show needing to be LA Phil-produced.

So. How to choose your five? Dolly Parton. MGM presents "West Side Story." "Fantasia." Are you picturing those marching brooms on the big screen, under the stars?

Get info on 5 or More, read the fine print, and get ordering. Turns out the Ides of March is quite the culture-minded date indeed.

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