Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley

A former cowboy with Buffalo Bill conned everyone into thinking he had built a castle in the desert

Erik Hermann

DESERT LEGEND: When you think of Death Valley, do you think of intrigue, men of mystery, or underground tunnels? You would if you’d visited Scotty’s Castle. Run by the National Park Service, the Death Valley Ranch takes visitors back in time to 1939 when a cowboy from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show convinced everyone that he had built a castle in the middle of the desert with money from his secret mines.

TAKE A TOUR: For $11 - $20, you can go inside Scotty’s Castle along with a NPS interpreter to see the original furnishings, the tunnels showing how they provided power and hot water to a millionaire’s home in the middle of the desert in the 1920s.

GHOST TOWNS GALORE: The winter is a great time to check out parts of Death Valley with the help of the National Park Service. Check out the Death Valley Visitor's Guide for directions and more ideas.

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