Screen Your Film for Free, and Where Cocktails are Close

If it isn't raising the cash or getting up at dawn or applying for various permits or finding a friend who can actually sew/light/cater (and just doesn't lie and say he can), it is finding people to see your movie after it is in the proverbial can. In fact, that final step is often one of the most daunting, but the Bungalow Club seeks to de-daunt that part of the process just a tad for all of those artists searching for their break.

Every Monday the Melrose-based nitery opens its doors to filmmakers -- meaning anyone involved in a flick, whether you directed or acted or wrote -- who are looking for a nice, splashy venue to get their work seen in. Granted, you can send short clips around online, which is helpful, but the Bungalow Club is gorgeous and studio-close (hello, an executive could practically walk back to Paramount from there) and you can show your work on a much bigger space than some tiny monitor. Plus, you can invite 200 of your nearest and dearest, or those you want to become your nearest and dearest once they see your movie.

There are also yummy drink specials throughout the day on Mondays, and anyone who has nervously screened a film that took them three years to complete well knows that drink specials tend to work in their favor. Call the Club for all the details.

Free Film Screening Mondays
Bungalow Club, 7174 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

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