Screenwriters Chitchat About All Things Screenwriter-y

The run-up to Oscar night is positively packed with doings that are star-studded. The luncheons, the gown fittings, the interviews, the screenings are all part of the pre-Oscar madness, but one of the parts we like best is that screenwriters keep popping up here and there to talk craft. And they're doing just that on February 5 at the Writers Guild Theater on Doheny as part of a panel for WGA and Academy Award nominees (Mr. Apatow is doing the hosting honors).

Now, we don't go in for the tired old saw that writers are reclusive or avoid the limelight. That said, we've known some screenwriters in our time, and they do so love to be at the keyboard, type-type-typin' away and not talking to anyone about anything. So getting major players out like Simon Beaufoy ("Slumdog Millionaire") and Dustin Lance Black ("Milk") is quite the victory, and getting a collection of nominated writers on stage together before the Oscars is rare indeed.

We imagine the audience will be filled with both film fans and future Oscar nominees who can't look at the script they've been staring at around the clock for three months for another second. It'll be informative, for sure, and a treat for everyone who dreams of having that much sought-after job themselves.

Question we'd ask if we got the microphone: What do you guys do once you type "fade in"?

Beyond Words
Thursday, February 5, 7:30PM (currently listed as sold out; check site for details)
135 S. Doheny Boulevard, Beverly Hills

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