Secret's Out on the Bagel Broker (It Rocks)

Look, we're not the type to feel steamed when our ultra-secret, for-our-eyes-and-mouths-only restaurants get a shout-out on a major site or in the paper. Au contraire. We're in fact delighted, because it helps places get tons of business, stay robust, keep cooking the good stuff we can't do without.

Such is the case with Gridskipper showering the love on the Bagel Broker on Beverly this week. Oh, we applaud the other schmeer-scrumptious picks -- Sam's Bagels has saved our stomachs many a day on Larchmont -- but the Bagel Broker wins our cream-cheesy alliances any day of the week. Mmm, everything bagels.

Why? A courteous staff (boy howdy, and quick with the load up), delicious, crusty bagels and piping hot coffee. Easy in, easy out. And oh so central. Plus? Rumor has it that Ms. Lindsay Lohan is a fan. 

The site says it is on 5th Street -- we guess it isn't too far from there -- but the address is 7825 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles. Blissful bageling to all.

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