Seducing Marilyn Monroe, and More True Tales

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Tony Curtis: Charismatic actor and hunk ("Some Like it Hot" proves both), swell guy (he chummed around with all the biggies), and funny author who can spin a compelling yarn. The silver-screen heartthrob is stopping at Book Soup to talk up "American Prince," a revealing new autobiography that looks back his start in Tinseltown and the headliners he called pals.

One of those people, Marilyn Monroe, was not only his ukulele-strumming, hourglass-figured costar in "Some Like it Hot" but a girlfriend long before the celebrated Billy Wilder film was shot. His romance with the bombshell was recently excerpted in "Vanity Fair" and was very steamy stuff, no holds barred. We tore through that article, only to stop for a cooling sip of water, though we wished we had a sparkly flute of Dom, reportedly a favorite of Marilyn's.

It isn't all starry nights with the most legendary leading lady in movie history. The actor also writes about the tough times, and anyone who's been through a few months -- days? -- in Hollywood can relate to that. Sure to be juicy, lively and totally Tony.

Tony Curtis Signs "American Prince"
Tuesday, November 25, 7PM
Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

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