See Sea Wonders (and Save)

The aquarium's popular Late Summer Nights has a week to go.

Aquarium of the Pacific

If we dare make a back-to-school time joke in a post about the aquarium's summertime deal ending, we'll be the 1,907,854th person to do so. (It's just that fish swim in schools, and humans go to school, and, and. Well. The temptation is great.)

But no corny jokes are needed when money is being saved. The Aquarium of the Pacific's Discounted Summer Late Nights is a perennially popular program (perennially popular=it returns each year) that offers later-in-the-day visitors a sweet deal. How sweet? It's just $12.95 to get in after 5 p.m. And since the institution keeps it swimming through 9 p.m., that means cash-saving fish enthusiasts have four hours to wander the huge place. (You know you swing by the jellies twice. We all do.)

But. And here's the second but. The program ends, like it does every year, with the arrival of Labor Day. Meaning there's a week left to get on this deal.

One thing to add: If you're a lorikeet person, note that the forest shutters at 6 p.m. We know the lorikeets don't all turn in at 6 p.m., but we like to picture them bedding down for the night for a little shut-eye.

We should also mention that Photographers Night is just ahead for the aquarium. If you have a camera, and you want a little room to take stunning sea life photos, best get a ticket for this one. It's on Sunday, Sept. 25.

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