Senior Prank Fail

K-9s and heavily armed officers respond

When sensors went off at San Ysidro High School Tuesday morning, heavily armed police officers arrived accompanied by K-9's and a helicopter. Little did they know, they were responding to a break-in that was part of a senior prank.

Thirteen students were caught in action around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday while moving hundreds of pieces of furniture around the school campus.

The students unknowingly set off motion sensors as they slipped onto school property, according to San Diego Police.  When officers arrived at the high school they found  furniture spelling "09" in the grass as well as chairs and desks stacked in the school's hallways, said police.

The prank may have seemed harmless, but the school's principal is concerned about how they got in.

"That's what distresses me," said Hector Espinoza. "Apparently one of the students had a key to one of the buildings and obviously the school is alarmed so when it did trip it tha'ts when we were alerted. That's the major concern I have at this point in that they had access to the school itself."

Espinoza also said students need to remember that there really is no such thing as a harmless prank because someone is going to be affected, whether its custodians or the police.

The students who were 18 were cited and the younger students were released to their parents.

The technology, called Sonotrol audio impact technology, captured the students when its sensors were tripped by the sounds of the kids when they broke in according to Lydia Reyes who is the account rep from Stanley Security.

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