Sex and the City Zoo II

Go birdsing-and-beesing at the LA Zoo.

Tad Motoyama

It's not an infrequent occurrence to be standing with a younger friend, in front of a pair of animals, at an animal park. And having that young friend ask how certain things work, or how the littler animals in the park came to be, is also not an infrequent occurrence.

"Um"-ing and heming and hawing often follow the question. Sometimes we know how the birds and the bees work when it comes to particular animals, but we're often at a total loss. Enter the Los Angeles Zoo, and its annual Valentine's event Sex and the City Zoo. It's an event that seeks to educate and inform and make the awkward "I don't know how those two giraffes, um, hug" moments go away.

Sunday, Feb. 13 will be the second outing for SATCZ, and, like last year, a person knowledgeable in the mating rituals of animals and how beasties make amore will be on hand to lend expertise. There will also be wine and dessert, as fits the holiday.

Which makes us wonder if the zoo animals don't need an event explaining the wine and the dessert and the mating rituals of humans. LA Zoo? Thoughts?

Also, note that this is 21+, so you'll be getting some juicy tidbits. Believe it. A general ticket is $35.

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