Sexiest Halloween Costume & Lingerie Ball

Ok admit it you are really excited for Halloween...One problem, your not 10 any more! You’re an adult with heaps of responsibilities. You’re working your tail off and barely holding on to reality. Time for a change! You love the dress-up and free candy rule. Face it, you can’t wait to take advantage and release that sexy demon beast that has been knocking get out.

The Naughtiest Sexiest Costume Contest and Lingerie Ball in Hollywood is right where that Halloween loving, child-like but not childish, bad-boy, bad-girl, fun loving hard working adult human person who needs to live a little again is at! This is “The Highlands 6th Annual Halloween Costume and Lingerie Ball featuring DJ Vice”! Located on the top tier of the Hollywood & Highland complex, the 25,000-square-foot, multi-story club features an expansive dance floor and seven bars. If that's not enough, there are three outdoor decks offering inspiring Tinseltown views of the Halloween street festival below.

It's time to get Audio-Erotic. This Halloween event features LA's favorite DJ Vice and is hosted by adult film star Sunny Leone and her Club Jenna Friends. Don’t forget the Highlands signature sexy GoGo Dancers who will for sure set the mood with hot costumes and the best dance moves in Hollywood. So, go ahead -- be on your worst behavior and do something awesome. Massage out that evil tension at The Highlands this Halloween. 

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