Shaking “It” — Whatever “It” Means to You — Is in Order

The phenomenon of "Dancing With the Stars" can mean many things. One, we like to see actors in navel-revealing, spangle-bedecked gownage twirling in the arms of professional dancers. But two, dance is back.

It never went away, but sometimes it goes underground, or returns in a big, splashy way for a few months (the lambada seems like a good reference here). But since April 29 is International Dance Day, we wanted to encourage everyone out there to put their arms in the air, well, like they care. Or at least watch other people do the same...

The Emerald Ball Dancesports competition sets up shop at the LA Airport Hilton Hotel starting on April 30. We find ballroom dance mesmerizing, and few things truly mesmerize these days. Or maybe ever.

If you are fond of Boogaloo-ing, you can get your Boogaloo on Thursday nights at The Short Stop in Echo Park. If you've never Boogaloo'd, it is time to remedy that situation.

Every article we read about tap dancing says it is just about the best thing you can do for yourself short of devouring an apple at every meal. Plus: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Right? Dance Arts Academy on La Brea has classes galore.

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