Shave-A-Thon at Studio DNA

We weren't really considering getting our head shaved tomorrow, but if we were, we'd pick "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" star Edie McClurg to be behind the razor. No, this isn't a dream you had after catching "Ferris" on late-night TV while downing too many bags of microwave popcorn. Ms. McClurg is lending her shaving talents, and downright effervescent personality, to Studio DNA's Shave-A-Thon tomorrow (fans of "Noah's Arc" on Logo will be happy to hear that actor Darryl Stephens will also be shaving heads). Proceeds from the lose-your-locks-and-gain-satisfaction-you're-helping-people-out event go to APLA and AIDS Walk LA.

How much does one head shaved help out, you wonder? Studio DNA gets an additional $200 to donate from its corporate sponsor, which is fantastic stuff.

Oh, we know. Now you are really going back-and-forth on the whole head shaving thing. Ms. McClurg fussing over you, lots of cash going to an important cause, the idea that your head will just feel lighter afterwards. Plus bald is beautiful. We still carry a flame for one Jean-Luc Picard, a man we'd brave any wormhole for.

But here's the upshot: there's no need to fret about the shaving concept, because Studio DNA is also holding a Cut-A-Thon. You'll still be able to help raise money for APLA and AIDS Walk, even if you just go for a trim. And don't you need a trim? We all need a trim. Like all the time. It's just one of those weird science facts the textbooks never tell you about.

(Note that the action is at Studio DNA's Beverly location, not Santa Monica. Just saying so because we always seem to end up at whatever place we shouldn't be at, when we have two choices.)

Cut-A-Thon and Shave-A-Thon
Thursday, October 16
10AM-10PM (Cut-A-Thon) and 2-3PM (Shave-A-Thon)
Studio DNA, 7218 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

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