Shojin Pumpkins Up Special Menu

Shojin specializes in dishes that are completely plant based -- meaning no milk, no cream, no meat, nothing but delicious, pure, healthy creations arriving direct from the vegetable universe. The vegetable of the week at this Little Tokyo eatery is the pumpkin, and Shojin is putting this orange, round fall staple into just about everything: pastas, chowders, soups, and one of our biggest, most unstoppable cravings any ol' day of  year, the croquette. (In fact, we make a desperate, stomach-growl-y plea to eateries across the city -- more croquettes every month, every week!) The pumpkin-perfect goodness is on now through Halloween night at the restaurant.

Shojin, a Japanese style of food preparation with Buddhist roots, has a core tenet of making every effort to achieve a great result. With that in mind, we hope to stop by for something gourd-y and fortifying this week, but if not, we'll be visiting this Little Tokyo vegetarian haven very soon. Mmm, curry, and tomato tartar, and green tea moss cake made with sweet azuki beans...

Shojin, 333 S. Alameda, Suite 310, Los Angeles

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