Shop Spotlight: That Yarn Store

Thumbing through a recent crafty-home magazine (cough-Martha-cough), we got to thinking how much wider the smiles upon the faces of our friends and families would be if we actually tried and made gifts this year, like potholders or fluffy hats. Cursory research tells us there are places that can help us fulfill that homemade urge, like That Yarn Store in Eagle Rock.

Here's what we're loving about TYS. 1) Beginner's classes. Because let's not mince words here: we are really beginner-y when it comes to knitting and the manipulation of yarn. If there was a word before "beginner" we'd be that word.

2) That Yarn Store holds a monthly Philosophy Night. We can clack away on our needles and hooks, making something pretty for someone we love *and* make our brains brainier? Yes. By the way, we're fascinated by the tools made for knitting. Hooks? Fantastic.

3) Lessons for men. We know guys who knit and they dig it. It's damn cool and a great conversation starter.

4) Book clubs and Spanish classes. Really, you can do just about anything that doesn't involve your hands while you knit, and the thought that we could marry other obligations -- or, shall we say, other opportunities for growth and advancement -- with a very fulfilling pastime appeals.

The question is, how do we churn out 17 sets of alpaca mittens by the middle of December? Help us, That Yarn Store. Help us.

5028 Eagle Rock Boulevard, Los Angeles

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