Shore Enough

Local city guide maps out "Jersey Shore" style for LA's gel- and tan-deprived

It's hard not to know about "Jersey Shore" these days, even if you've never seen the show. Snookie, Pauly D and the rest of their gel-loving posse has invaded the collective unconscious, via magazine covers in the grocery check-out line and web-circulating sound bites.

But for those of you who have thus far been left out of this odd, albeit amusing, cultural phenomenon, "Jersey Shore" is an MTV reality show about a group of big-haired, over-tanned, heavily-accented Jersey friends and all their gym-going, tan-bedding, laundry-obsessing antics.

And though Los Angeles life feels about as similar to this particular version of New Jersey as does, say, Instanbul, Citysearch has nevertheless created a feature (public service announcement?) about where to find "Jersey Shore Style in LA."

Making the cut: 24 Hour Fitness, U-Tan and Hollywood Laundry, all rounding out the GTL (gym, tan, laundry) triumvirate.

Use this as a guide, Shore-lovers. Or as a warning.

Your call.

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