Short Skirt Alert: Buy Ally McBeal’s Togs

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Benefit of living in Los Angeles #347: the massive, always interesting prop and costume sales that frequently spring up. The latest: David E. Kelley Productions, in partnership with Premiere Props, is tagging various clothing items for purchase from various shows including "Ally McBeal" and "The Practice" (we're already remembering some pretty suits Lara Flynn Boyle sported in the earlier episodes). We've been toying with dressing more faux lawyer-ish -- with just a dash of come-hither edginess -- and we couldn't think of a better place to browse.

Access Hollywood promises the items for sale won't all be completely overly-1990s -- the heyday of many of the Kelley hits, save "Boston Legal" -- but then we never thought '90s outfits were such a bad thing (and one must figure that all that stuff will be back in style in about, oh, two years, so purchasers will already be ahead of the curve). The crowds are also predicted to be prolific -- right? Because everyone watched "Ally" back in the day -- so you best line up early. Be sure you download some Vonda Shepard for your wait in the queue.

Saturday, November 22 and Sunday, November 23
Raleigh Studios Manhattan Beach, 1600 Rosecrans, Manhattan Beach

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