Shutters on the Beach: Rain Day Fun

Take a bath, hang out in your ocean-close room, and bid El Niño welcome.

COMMITTED PLANNERS... have a spot of trouble "letting go" when the time arrives to stow the calendar and the computer and simply unwind at a pretty property. They've likely mapped out an itinerary, complete with asterisks and suggestions and details so eensy you'd to hold the piece of paper up to the sunlight to find them (assuming, of course, the itinerary is printed on paper). So what's to be done when a rain day springs up on a vacation? Is the itinerary balled up and thrown away, with drama? (You'd recycle it, of course, if it indeed was on paper.) Is the whole soggy sojourn to be considered a wash? Well, no and no. The itinerary could be followed a bit, if it isn't too damp outside, or at the very least you can save it for another day. And the soggy sojourn is most definitely not a wash if you find yourself, alongside your honey, cuddled in a cashmere scarf, one that comes as part of your deluxe room package. What sort of spot might include a soft and sublime wrap in a hotel deal? Why Shutters on the Beach, which knows a thing or two about chilly foggy nights.

SO ANY WET SHOWING... from El Niño in no way ruffles the Santa Monica landmark. It has been shoulder-to-shoulder with the Pacific Ocean for decades, and some damp days are nothing to fear. In that spirit the hotel created the Keep Calm & Cuddle package, which includes two locally made cashmere scarves, in gray or neutral, the better to wind around the shoulders while reading a rainy-day novel (You may be presented with Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" or another riveting classic.) To toast you up, through and through, there's Hot Buttered Rum, or Peppermint Mocha, so sip away as you read and cuddle into your cashmere scarf (your BFF will get one, too). And an Ocean View Room, complete with a whirlpool bath and other tony touches? That's also a part of the package, which starts at $1,070, plus tax. Ready to go luxe, even on a day for ducks? "A day for ducks" is such a sweet way to describe rain, which comes and goes, regardless of vacation plans or not. Don't ball up that itinerary just yet; maybe, though, add a Santa Monica stayover to it, one that comes with novels, warm beverages, and cashmere comforts.

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