Sips and Scares

The witching-est month of the year is celebrated in many ways around this atmos-heavy town, but we like the adult, put-the-kiddies-to-bed ways best. Here are our two macabre musts for a Monday night:

Zombie Karaoke: Can you grunt and moan all the lyrics to your favorite ditty? How is a winner judged in this contest? We don't care. Just order us something cold and frothy and let the undead take the stage and try their best at interpreting pop songs in a way that someone who has just risen from the morgue might. If you'd like to perform, make sure you wear your most natty, ratty "Night of the Living Dead" get-up.

Jewel's Catch One, 4067 W. Pico Boulevard

Drinks on the 13th: The Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles meet on the 13th of every month to toast the ghosties, in some of our city's most atmospheric restaurants and bars. Expect the October meeting, held tonight at Philippe's, to be especially chilling and thrilling. (And since this is at Philippe's, you might see if the sawdust on the floor swirls with spirit activity; that's certainly what we'd be watching.) The only question is, do ghosts like chard or cab? Or are they more down-to-earth beer drinkers? We suppose "down-to-earth" is maybe the wrong way to phrase it...

Philippe the Original, 1001 N. Alameda

(Thanks to Creepy LA for the terrifying tips)

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