Ski Deal Shaves High Temp Number from Lodging Bill

Mammoth schusses into spring with a weather-focused discount.

Mammoth Mountain

SPRINGTIME SKIING: Mammoth mavens know that some of our top California mountain destinations open right past spring equinox. The lift doesn't stop running come April, nor do the fireside nights comes to a close in May. But some skiers do have a wintry ideal in mind, and may eschew a weekend on an icy slope when wildflowers are bursting in nearby valleys. To tempt those skiers, and to show everyone that yes indeedy, skiing is to be had in the Golden State late into spring, there is this novel deal from Mammoth: Stay two or more nights from April 14 through May 23 in "select units" around the destination and nab a discount each night that's equal to the previous day's high temperature. Meaning? If it is 38 degrees the day before, you'll get 38 bucks shaved off the previous night's lodging at checkout. Skiers don't traditionally desire high temperatures, but you might in this instance: The higher the mercury goes, the more you'll save.

WHERE THE TEMP IS TAKEN: At the Main Lodge. The ski patrol site will post the temperature, making it all official and whatnot.

THE FLIPSIDE: This isn't the first time a Sierra destination has offered a temp-based deal. Curry Village in Yosemite traditionally offers a deal on its unheated tents during the coldest months. Guests pay the previous night's low temperature. Maximum price? Thirty nine bucks.

There's something charming about temperature-dependent deals in a world where everything is group-tested and marketed so thoroughly. Cheers to you, Mammoth and Curry Village, for choosing to wing it in a way. A guest's rate is so rarely up to Mother Nature.

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