Sky, Screen, You, and a Corn Dog

Outdoor Cinema Food Fest is back. And earlier this time around, too.

Fact: We all like movies.*

Fact: We all like things that come wrapped in dosas, and tortillas, and buns, and bready substances that may contain candy, and we like them better if a brick of cheese has been melted on top. And we all like food trucks.

Fact: We all like the Great Outdoors.

Fact: Outdoor Cinema Food Fest is opening for the 2011 on Saturday, May 28 at LA State Historic Park. It's near downtown.

Fact: This Saturday summer party boasts -- boasts! -- "the LARGEST outdoor movie screen on the west coast." There are also bands rocking in the movie-watchery. Lots of bands.

Fact: "There's Something About Mary" starts off the season. A season which is starting earlier than last year, notably earlier, which surely must have to do with the festival being well-attended.

Fact: We're out of "facts" at this point. But if you want to read more about what's ahead -- "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" rounds out the summer on Saturday, Sept. 3 -- click here. (Dear food trucks: Someone please make mashed potatoes that night. Thank you.)

* We know. You have that one friend who yawns "I'd enjoy movies if they were better." We all have that yawny friend. Wait. Are we all friends with the same person? We need to work with this person and change their yawny minds. Plus, don't they always seem to know every bit of movie trivia? Yeah. We all know this person.

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