Slip Into Those Saucy Tights ASAP: Ren Faire Wraps

The list of things we'll get to around LA depending on the time of year is lengthy, and, too often, unsullied by check marks. We always vow to get to The Grove to see the big tree at Christmastime. We'll get to the beach when the water's warm and swimming isn't a brrr-inducing experience.

And we'll get to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, that springtime merrymaker that takes over the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, or part of it, for several weekends in April and May. And then, suddenly, May is waning -- we wanted to throw "waning" in there, as it feels especially Renaissance-y -- and we haven't donned our pointy princess hat or wench outfit or bright tights and headed out.

Well shame on us. Because this is a big, lively party full of garlands and leather crafts and tarot cards and turkey legs and japes and jests. But the hourglass hasn't yet run out; we've still got a smidgen of time. The Renaissance may be over, but the Renaissance Pleasure Faire is on through Sunday, May 17.

Horses! To Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area. This weekend we ride...

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