Snacky Sneak Peek: LA Fair Food Giveaway

Share your memory of the Pomona spectacular for a chance to get picked.

DEEP-FRIED ENVY: Look, we're not trying to stoke discord among friends, and certainly not friends who love the Los Angeles County Fair as much as you do. But is there a little bit of pride in your voice when you tell your pal all the weird foodstuffs you tried at the fair? Especially if you got to the fair ahead of your friend? Yeah, you probably brag it up as you describe the deep-fried candy bars and bacon-wrapped pickles and all of the other bizarre and flavorful bites the annual Pomona extravaganza is famous for. After all, friends who love food are always in a little good-natured competition, right? We want to out-do each other on the "I tried that!" front.

HERE'S YOUR CHANCE... to really get the jump on the fair foods. Hot Blog on a Stick, the Los Angeles County Fair's blog, has put the call out for best fair memories. A handful of memory comments will be chosen at random and then, bingo! You just may get an invite to the closed-to-the-public fair food preview, which is scheduled for the end of August. Suh-weet.

AND... that can be any memory you have of visiting the fair as a youngster (or not-so-youngster). It doesn't have to be food-related, so, yeah, you can spill the beans on that one uproarious time on the Tilt-A-Whirl or how you kissed a blue ribbon-winning cow. Just leave the comment on the fair's blog by Tuesday, Aug. 20, cross those fingers (fingers that will be sticky with cotton candy very soon, we expect), and see if you aren't one of the two selected lucky fair-food-previewers (the two winners can invite a guest each, too).

Can you imagine trying whatever the strange fried food delicacy will be days ahead of the LA County Fair actually opening? Yeah, your culinary buddies are going to be pretty jealous. Which just means you can go again with them and be there as they try all of the treats for the first time, after the fair opens. Yeah, that's a plan.

Leave your memories at the LA County Fair blog by Tuesday, Aug. 20. A few lucky commenters will be chosen to attend the fair food preview -- chosen at random -- on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

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