Sneak Peek: American Rag's Windows

Artist Serena Mitnik-Miller — a San Francisco coast dwelling, Hawaiian-bred surfer with an instinctive, artisanal appreciation for fashion — teamed up with surfwear brand Quiksilver to create exclusive prints and designs for Quicksilver's fall womenswear collection, QSW. To celebrate the collaboration, Serena and Quiksilver joined forces with American Rag, a Quicksilver retailer, on a window installation incorporating Serena's original artwork, as well as a few key designs from the collection.

We went behind the scenes with Serena as she built the window display from the ground up, working in the thoughtful details that define Quiksilver's fall collections — the perfect zipper, sheets of handmade paper, and battered nautical rope — all inspired by the ocean and the natural environment. Behold the transformation.

Video and production courtesy of Marco Villalobos

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