Snooping Around for Tingles in Tinseltown

If there was a scavenger hunt dealing with the wraiths and spirits of Larchmont, or Ventura, or Roscoe, we know a lot of people would turn out, with enthusiasm and ghostbusting gusto. But center the hunt around the heart of Hollywood and bet on buffs of all things movie-ish, spooky, starry, and, well, all of the above, to show.

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts is organizing a public, for-grown-ups-only hunt on Saturday, June 13 around the terrifying and tingly bits of that Boulevard we all know, have stargazed upon, stood in line along, lost our car on (okay, we swore we parked it near Cherokee, but it was closer to Vine -- happens). Note to selves: Next time, look not down at Walk of Fame but up at street sign. Done.

Truly, the location and theme of the Saturday night hunt feels fizzy, frighty, and like the perfect combo of a lot of similar interests. And if you know what long-gone celebrity is rumored to play the trumpet in the upper floors of the Roosevelt Hotel, or what lurks in the Vogue Theatre, we recommend signing up faster than it takes a bit of ectoplasm to ecto. Is that what ectoplasm does? Ecto? We think. Probably.

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