Snow in San Francisco?

Generic Ice Scraper

STRAIGHTFORWARD: The idea that it might snow in San Francisco has people near and far all a-flurry. After all, it hasn't done so in 35 years, the sky sages are saying, so that is notable indeed. And that a weekend is involved, normally a time when a lot of visitors converge on the Bay Area, is also enticing. If you need your 415 411, might we recommend this site, which says, in a word, whether or not it is snowing in San Francisco. None of this wordy going on and on, as we are doing right now.

AND THAT WORD IS... "No," as of this typing. We like weather-based whimsy. We also like that someone nabbed And we like a quick answer to our cold question. Now, San Francisco. Get snowing. We want to see all your landmarks laden and sparkly, because we're betting it'll be quite a sight.

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