So Much Yum: Orange International Street Fair

The end-of-summer favorite's been serving up a bevy of foods for decades.


FOODIES ARE A FUNNY BUNCH, and we say that with love, as everyone, pretty much, is a foodie in some sense. Oh, we may personally not own up to being the kind of foodie who is sometimes satirized as the person who only accepts top-notch balsamic vinegar and well-aged cheeses and such. But practically everyone everywhere is a little bit enamored of a particular edible, to the point where they can rhapsodize upon it at length. And foodies -- again, that's all of us, pretty much -- are apt to exaggerate about how long they've been connected to a favorite cuisine or cuisine-related event. Take the Orange International Street Fair, which is just about as famous as food festivals get in the state. To hear regulars talk about it, you'd think they've been going "forever" because that's often the word used for the festival. It hasn't been around quite for forever, but it has been over four decades now, which is an impressive feat for any sort of fest, food-themed or not. And the been-around-forever, foodie-favorite festival makes its yearly return over Labor Day Weekend. So if you're in the heart of historic Orange, you're bound to walk into a booth, many booths, serving up...

THE FLAVORS OF THE WORLD: This is the fest with the various "avenues" representing the traditional foods of the countries of the world, so should you want to find a crepe or stir fry or ribs, you only need to look up, above the street, to see where in the "world" you're located. There shall be music, there shall be entertainment, there shall be a whole bunch of other bite-seeking savory-loving food people, but what there shall not be are Monday open hours. That's right, this three-dayer is actually a Friday to Sunday deal, not a Saturday to Monday situation (as many three-day parties over Labor Day Weekend are). Make sure, then, to get your strolling/supping on by Sunday, maybe even starting the snacking with a Friday visit to Old Towne Orange. After all, you're a true foodie, right? Then you probably want to be there on the first day of this mondo, lots-of-people-go, and-have-since-1973, food affair. Cheers also to the fact that such a famous food to-do takes place with a food in its very name. If only all food happenings took place in food-named places, it would be a foodie's dream come true.

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