So You’re a Dog. With a Monocle. Now, Go!

The Improv Comedy Festival opens. Yukkity yuk yuk.

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You can't do that.

Unless you're an improv person, then you can. But you can't be given five different instructions by five different audience members in various states of inebriation and then, with nary a second to think about it, create a funny bit that will get said audience members to laugh.

We can't. But we're real talented at shouting out potential skit concepts. And we'll forever admire that sheer talent, not to mention the "I'm-really-trying-up-here" gumption of the improv set. Both of which will be on full view during the 8th Annual Los Angeles Comedy Improv Festival.

The Festival runs June 7-12, 2010 at iO West.

Jimmy Kimmel will be there. Deborah Ann Woll of "True Blood." Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery of "The Office." And yes, even bespectacled music-maker Tim Nordwind.

Get the schedule. And get shouting occupations/props/quirks. Dog/monocle/winter. Dentist/bus/ambition. So on and on and on. 

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