Social Nets Abuzz with OBL News, Links, Conversation

There's no one place for all the news surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden, but social media surely playing a massive role in disseminating and sharing the different angles and details.

The news broke on Twitter first, and within two hours on Facebook the "Osama Bin Laden Is DEAD" page had 150,000 likes, with hundreds of comments and links in the page's thread.

A newer page, "Osama Bin Laden Is Dead 5/1/11" has added 227,000 likes, with individual video clips and comments adding thousands more.

The page description indicates it has been around for a while: "Osama bin Laden has not been found and will never be found because he died a long time ago. This may be news to you because it wasn't in the news."

While proven inaccurate, it's still the top search result on Facebook and is serving as a hub or real-time conversation around the news event.

One of the threads on that and many other pages is the apparent hoax photograph of a deceased bin Laden. It was shown on Indian TV newscasts, as well as many others.

The Daily Telegraph (London) confirms the photo is a Photoshopped fake. Their main source for confirming the hoax and Photoshopping was another social media platform, Reddit.

And while not social, exactly, Google Maps also has a satellite view of the compound that was raided in Abbattabad, a suburb of the Pakistani capital Islamabad. There is no street view available, but there was a hospital about 1,000 feet away.

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