Sofia Coppola Hearts Chris Rock, “Tootsie”

...While we wait for another sprawling, lavish, taffeta-and-lace-draped biopic from director Sofia Coppola -- oh, we did enjoy that "Marie Antoinette" and fully blame it for spawning our obsession with pricey, jewel-hued macaroons -- we're enjoying her list of favorite movies and TV shows. You can find Coppola's collection of musts over at GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle-y site, which we are still enjoying several weeks in (critics can, and we say this ever so politely, go blow a horn).  On the director's list: a Chris Rock special, the deliriously delicious "Tootsie" and Swedish vampire kid-flick "Let the Right One In."

...GP also talked to Mr. Spielberg, her boss on "Hook," and, really, every big star's boss at some point, about his movie picks. Turns out the "Close Encounters" helmer likes "Tootsie," too -- what were the chances of a movie that's a quarter-century old appearing on two lists? -- and "The Godfather" (natch).

...Also represented: Jon Favreau, Wes Anderson, and director James Gray, who just shot a movie with Ms. Paltrow Joaquin Phoenix. Who is also back in the news for heckling a heckler. Now that is meta.

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