“Somewhere” Premiere Party

Indie auteur Sofia Coppola drew out LA's hipsterati last night for the premiere after party of her latest film "Somewhere." Since the majority of said flick takes place in Los Angeles’ famed Chateau Marmont, the party's location was a no brainer, meaning a few hundred of the director's closest friends -- from Alan Cumming to Chloe Sevigny (not to mention an unmasked member or two of Daft Punk) -- hunkered down in the storied courtyard of Hollywood's favorite bohemian haunt to toast her latest work.

Turns out Coppola not only has a thing for hotels, but the director -- who hails from Northern California (by way of New York City) -- seems to intimately understand L.A. as well as anyone. Where else could she possibly have had the post-premiere party for “Somewhere” but the Chateau? Coppola gets what makes the hotel and its particular brand of laid back schmoozing by night special. For that, she nabs an Owly.

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