Spa Di Da

Were you subjected to the same kind of beauty treatments we had as kids? A curling iron taken to our boyish bangs followed by a balloon/lollipop shoved in our hands on our way out the door? Spa Di Da, recently reviewed in the Times, is clearly not the kind of pretty-up place we visited as tots; it is, in short, a luxury spa for kids, full of pampering perks and amenities galore. And, not surprising, the little ladies are loving it.

What does a spa for kids mean, anyway? Picture the kind of facials and luxury pedis we grown-ups receive translated for young Angelenos. Rather than foo-foo seawood extracts, the kids get chocolate and fizzy strawberry. It's no surprise, given these yummy ingredients, that mom-and-daughter days are becoming quite the big deal at the Beverly Boulevard spot. We know we'd rather go the chocolate route than the fancy herbs-aromatherapy thing pretty much any day of the week.

We're not jealous that we didn't have this sort of spa around when we were kids. Really we're not. Really.

Spa Di Da, 7319 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

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