Spamapalooza Dishes Up Spam Tacos Downtown

Tickets go on sale at noon on Wednesday, April 1 -- how perfect -- for "Spamalot," a little medieval-y lark full of jests and merrymaking. Perhaps you've heard of it? Monty Python started it, Broadway continued it, and now this smash of a musical has won the hearts, minds, spleens, and left shoulders of thousands of fans, thanks in part to its famous, fake clip-clopping coconuts and kingly antics.

And it is coming to LA in July. So to get the revelry started, and in honor of the first day of ticket sales, and because of April Fools' Day, and as an homage to misunderstood killer rabbits everywhere, there's a big Spam-y faire at the Music Center Plaza from 11:30AM-2:30PM. Spam tacos are for sale (two tacos for three clams), as is mead, which sounds deliciously murky and mysterious and perfectly 1450-ish to us. Huzzah! And huzzah to the Patina Spotlight Cafe, which is whipping up all the feastly fare.

Games, a costume contest and more nincompoopery is on the Spamapalooza bill (PLEASE tell us you have your leather knickers and/or pointy princess hat ready to wear). Plus, there are "Spamalot" ticket specials to boot available during the foolish proceedings. Clip clop, clip clop...

Wednesday, April 1, 11:30AM-2:30PM
Music Center Plaza, 135 N. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles

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