Special “Fantasia 2000” Ticket Deal

The whimsical cinema symphony returns to the big screen.

"Fantasia 2000" was an event when it debuted just over a decade ago. Like the famous movie it recalled -- that would, of course, be "Fantasia," also a Disney film -- "Fantasia 2000" married whimsical and wonder-packed scenarios to thrilling symphonic scores and songs.

If you've been hankering to revisit it -- or you didn't get to see the larger-than-life picture on the big screen -- we've got good news: "Fantasia 2000" will be at the El Capitan for 11 days, starting on February 17th.

And more good news: If you're interested in attending opening night, there is a special deal for NBC readers. Regular tickets are normally $12, but readers can snag 'em for $8 by calling 818-845-3110 and having this special code handy: DCPUB.

And more more good news: As part of the opening night festivities, "Fantasia 2000" writers and artists will be appearing to talk about the groundbreaking film.

Like you, we have the ethereal whale segment forever in our heads. But also the city segment, that frenetic, fabulously retro piece set to something Gershwin-y. And, of course, "The Sorceror's Apprentice," the standard-bearer -- or perhaps we mean broom-and-bucket-bearer -- of both the "Fantasia" films.

Now we have that music in our head. If only a broom would march in and help us tidy up.

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