Special Mojito Dinner, Please Cool Us and Refresh Us

When weather events and drinking events dovetail, we take note. No one likes to plan a hot toddy evening only to see temperatures soar, or the reverse: lemonade poured in a snow storm.

So we'd like to thank Ciudad, and the Two Hot Tamales, and the people behind the July 15th Zaya Mojito Dinner, for possessing the soothsaying-ness and sagacity to know that the night they picked would be a roaster.

Which is perfect for drinking Blood Orange Mojitos. We'll linger on those three words for a bit, and then move onto the Black Cherry Mojito, and various dishes with crab and braised beef. The cost of the four-course four-drink dinner is $45, and everything takes place on a patio, which is practically the one-and-only spot to sip mojitos on a heat wave-y July night. Wednesday, July 15th, 7PM; call for reservations (213-486-5171)

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