Special Offers in the National Parks

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SIGHTS AND SAVINGS: While the national parks waive admission on particular days throughout the year, the biggest stretch of admission-waiving days happen to fall during National Park Week, which is happening from April 16 through April 24 in 2011. That's nine days of getting into the parks without paying a get-in fee, although, of course, many parks are free throughout the year (parks like Yosemite are not, and will offer gratis entry during that week). The question once you're in, then, is what to do? After, of course, you soak up the wonder and the grandeur and the wonder again. The National Parks Promotion Council has a few ideas.

LODGING TO TOURS: Several businesses found inside the national parks will be offering various deals and discounts during the free days. There's a buy-one-get-one deal going on with the West Rim Sunset Tour people at the Grand Canyon, and a few Yosemite-close discounts, too (including one at Cafe Charlotte, which is located in sweet Groveland, which is a place we're usually wishing we were visiting about, oh, four times a week. Check out the rundown of deals here, and whether you'll be close enough to take advantage of any of 'em. We hope you are.

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