Splash: 2010 Los Angeles Art Show

Five days, 15,000 works. Go.

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How thoroughly lucky are we to have such a prestigious art happening right here in Los Angeles? Very.

The luck piles on a bit more when you consider that everyday art lovers (that would be us and pretty much everyone we know), not just dealers and collectors, are able to attend the 2010 Los Angeles Art Show. Nice.

The 2010 Show opened with a gala on Wednesday, January 20th, and will close on Sunday, January 24th. The location is the Los Angeles Convention Center.

And what are we all there to see at the Los Angeles Convention Center? Some 130+ galleries that turn out for this huge festival devoted to the pleasures of the eye. They've brought paintings with them, lots of them, plus prints, photographs, sculpture and tons more.

Expect to see local names aplenty, but the galleries at the show have flown in (okay, not the physical galleries, although we'll never put anything past a truly creative spirit) from around the world: Korea, Tennessee, the UK and Santa Fe all have reps on site.

Oh, and museums, too. Lots of major museums. And lectures, and music, and events galore. 2010 to-dos we're keen on include a symposium on fine print collecting, and art in the modernist home.

If you've visited the show in years past -- it has been around town for 15 years now -- expect this year's event to edge towards huge, courtesy of its oh-so-large location. Oh, the 15,000 pieces that will be on display. Thousand. Fifteen. A lot.

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