Sporks, and Other Offbeat Utensils

The Kitchen Outlet

THE NORPRO SPORK: You know the spork; you've grabbed it off a hundred lunch counters at a hundred fast food joints. So this unusual spork design got us; maybe it is that it is a bit more compact than the traditional spork. And it's stainless steel. And it's $2.75. And it's from The Kitchen Outlet. Dig in.

THE KNORK: Deep down, we knew that the knork existed. A combo fork/knife that could both perform the spearing/delivering-food-to-mouth duties of a fork, with the cutting abilities of the knife. And it does. And there's a company called Knork, that will fulfill your knorkery needs. A single stainless steel knork is $6.50. 

CHORKS: We found these pretty utensils via The Green Head. The smooshed-together name, in the tradition of the spork, says it all: you're dealing with a special chopstick/fork hybrid. We like the different woods found at LR Studio Furniture, and how they have a swoop to them. Very design-y, in the best sense. Prices listed: $17-$163; email Laura for details.

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