Spring Bubbles: Champagne on Main

A Ventura wine walk is back for its second year.

BEYOND THE BALL DROP: Many libations tend to be paired with various times of the year, for numerous reasons. Apple cider and pumpkin-flavored coffees come percolating back in the fall, and summertime tends to see a tart-sweet takeover by lemonade. And Champagne and all sparkling wines? They have a knack for ruling the final day of the calendar. But bubbly is an all-year-long kind of beverage, and one that's suited to the coming of sunnier days and warmer breezes. Think of the effervescence of sipping wee bubbles, and how that rather matches springtime's flittier, flirtier character. What drinks pair well with the seasons could keep foodie friends debating for the better part of an hour, but what's not up for debate is the fact that Ventura is soon to celebrate sparkling wine. The city did so in 2015, and now Champagne on Main is back for a second go-around, and right plunk in the middle of the flittiest, floweriest month of the year: April.

SATURDAY, APRIL 16... is the date when a slew of sip purveyors pour tastes along the city's central thoroughfare. Foam will also make a cameo, alongside all of those bubbles, for craft brews are part of the stroll-and-try scene. Tasting locations include Jimmy's Slice, El Rey Cantina, and several other businesses. Time? It's on from 3 o'clock to 6 in the evening. There's also a Spring Street Fair happening at the same time, with music, crafts, and the hallmarks of a booth-y alfresco bash. That's starts earlier, in the late morning, so show ahead of the wine walk if you want to take in some bands or art-lookery. ("Art-lookery" is an essential and pleasant part of any springtime fair.) Staying close by, after your sparkling wine enjoyment, is also essential, so eye all of the hotel packages.

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